Disaster Response

DME Synergistic Systems (DME-SS) is a provider of Disaster Responders and can rapidly organize and deploy response teams on short-notice.

We are currently developing structured and trained response teams to provide effective medical assistance and aide during various types of disasters. We can provide and assist with the following:

  • Setting up Shelters During Hurricanes, Floods, Fires and Other Emergencies Disasters

  • Deploying  Medical Teams Throughout Texas and Outside States

  • Deploying Medical Teams for General Shelter Management

  • Deploying Medical Teams to Setup Field Hospitals and Operations

  • Deploying Teams for Public Health Services (Flu-H1N1 Statewide)

  • Provide Assistance During Other Emergencies Related to Public Health

For more information call 210-546-0970.

To join our Disaster Response Team, come by our office and meet us or simply apply online here.