DME-Synergistic Systems is a highly accomplished and respected VMS/MSP company with 33 years of experience in Health Care workforce solutions. We provide services to Texas and other states with the passion and commitment to community long-term care facilities, nursing homes, hospital systems and disaster response assistance. Our vision is to give opportunities to employers, employees and their families by integrating our broad expertise in the industry. Synergistic Systems stands behind the belief that “Together we are Stronger”.

When you work with Synergistic Systems, you can eliminate the time consuming process of managing multiple staffing vendors on your own, because our Vendor Management Services/Managed Services Providers (VMS/MSP) take care of this for you. Our network of regionally positioned staffing agencies is the foundation of a complete temporary workforce solution. The benefits of having Synergistic Systems as your single focal point simplifies the temporary staffing process by allowing you to receive one invoice, one main contact and one credentialing process, in line with the industry standards.

Managed Service Provider Hand

Our client focused system allows you to save time, save money and ensures the Health Care Professional (HCP) and Administrative Staff provided are properly credentialed and possess the a level of knowledge that exceeds standards for his/her career field. These elements support quality and consistent client satisfaction and patient care unique to each contract facility. Call us today at 210-546-0970 to learn how Synergistics, and our VMS/MSP team can help you solve your staffing services needs.
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